Anthem United Europe European anthem
European anthem Anthem United Europe European anthem   European anthem European anthem
The European Anthem

In order to deliver a contribution wich will strengthen the European identity and solidarity, RUDY BEDACHT has written the composition "ANTHEM OF UNITED EUROPE".
It is a maestoso of 18 bars, easy for anyone to sing to, because the range is not greater than one octave.

The composer, who was born in 1932, lives in Amsterdam, and has worked actively for more than forty years as a musicologist in Europe and Latin America. Rudy Bedacht is the author of fifteen study books in Dutch, Swedish and Spanish on the subject of music, and has written more than a hundred compositions, especially for the classical guitar, his mayor instrument.

The "Anthem of United Europe" was broadcast by several radio and television stations in the Netherlands, according to an arrangement of Antoin René, also living in Amsterdam.
It is the wish of the composer that each of the member states of the European Union writes the lyric in his own language.

Professor Rudy Bedacht was knighted in 1999 at the age of 66 by QUEEN BEATRIX of the Netherlands in the Order of Oranje-Nassau, for his accomplishments over the past forty years as musicologist and composer.

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European anthem Anthem United Europe
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Rudy Bedacht
The composer Rudy Bedacht